Wholesale and Custom Orders


Wholesale is a chance for us to give our fellow studio owners a chance to have high quality products at an effective price.   The way it works is very simple.

  1. Review the site and start with a list of 3-5 designs that you like.  (do not worry about the shirt it is on)
  2. Come up with the number of Shirts/Leggings for each design that you want
    1. Ex: Power in the Springs (10)
    2. Ex: Pilates Strong (8)
    3. Ex: Happy Place (20)
    4. Ex: Socks (20 pair)
  3. Please email that information to sales@marisainmotion.com.   Please include
    1. Full Name
    2. Studio Name
    3. Studio Location
    4. How you found us
    5. For additional fee, whether you want your logo on the back of the product
Our minimum order size is 10 units (socks are 16 pair and reformer mats are 10). 
We also create custom designs for an additional fee per design. Once we get all of this information, we can come back to you with custom pricing all in with shipping, production, etc.  


Email sales@marisainmotion.com and use the subject line "Wholesale and Custom Orders"