About Marisa In Motion

Marisa In Motion (MIM) was started when I decided to change my career after 20 years in Advertising Sales to follow my passion in life, Pilates. 

I found Pilates years ago as I a healthy outlet to destress from my everyday advertising sales days. A friend had introduced me to a Pilates reformer studio in Midtown. I was nervous upon entering the studio staring at these apparatuses. As soon as I started moving on the reformer, I fell in love. Being on a reformer has now become my happy place. Over the years, my body felt stronger, more flexible, and long time pain from injuries in my back and knees have started to ease.
In 2014, I was tested for the breast cancer gene as my brave, amazing, inspiring mom is a breast cancer survivor. I knew in my gut that I would be positive and indeed I was BRCA1+. Even though I knew it would be positive, hearing those words was gut wrenching. I had decided before taking the test that I was going to do preventive surgeries. This decision is not for everyone but I knew it was what I wanted to do. After each of my surgeries (a total of 6), I would always wait to hear from my doctor “you have the go ahead to start exercising”. Every time I would hear those words, the first thing I would do was to get my butt back on the Reformer. Like I said, it is my happy place. It helped me with my recovery, get stronger, and heal through my hardest of days.
In 2019, I decided to leave Corporate America and fulfill my dream of opening my open Pilates studio. I had found the perfect spot near where I live in Brooklyn and was so excited to open my doors to the community and share the love I have for Pilates. Just like the rest of the world, my studio was put on “pause”. I used the “pause” to go back to my roots from college, Art Studio, and start designing Pilates inspired apparel. Marisa In Motion was created as a way for us to connect with others and bring smiles to peoples faces through my designs.
Since early 2020, I finally was able to open my doors to my first pilates studio, Studio Pilates South Slope Brooklyn and the Brooklyn community welcomed me with open arms. I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my Brooklyn studio and have opened my 2nd studio in Wilmington, NC!
Thank you to all my MIM customers and my Studio Pilates clients with all your support you have given me!
Wear what YOU love. 
Marisa Fuller, Founder
"Change happens through movement and movement heals"- Joseph Pilates
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