Pilates Reformer Mat
Pilates Reformer Mat
Pilates Reformer Mat
Pilates Reformer Mat
Pilates Reformer Mat
Pilates Reformer Mat

Pilates Strong Reformer Mat- Blue

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Pilates Strong Reformer Mat- Blue

Roll out this custom designed mat for your reformer that provides a hygienic, stylish and comfortable session in any class or private session.


  • The perfect combination of cushion, comfort and grip during your class
  • Non-slip 100% biodegradable tree rubber provides excellent grip during exercise whether you are lying down or standing up.
  • Each mat comes with a custom-made carry pouch to easily fit all your work out essentials- grip socks, sweat towel and your Reformer Pilates mat!  
  • Machine wash in cold water and dried on low temperature
  • Fits most studio size reformers:
    • Carriage: 27 inches long, 22 inches wide
    • Neck 11 inches long, 8 inches wide
    • Thickness: 2mm


The Pilates mat is made of an absorbing microfiber suede which locks in moisture and maximizes the cleanliness of the reformer.  The bottom has a natural rubber layer to make sure you won't ever slip. 

How I came to building this mat.  

After having tried other versions that included towels and thinner mats, I realized that I could improve on what I thought was out there.  I spent months perfecting the NEW Pilates Reformer mat for you! 

I compared 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thickness while doing your favorite moves both lying down (feet in straps) and standing up (elephant) on the reformer.  I found that the 2mm gave me the right amount of support without slipping or bunching up (as thinner mats or towels would).  The 3MM felt too thick and I lost my connection with the reformer.  

My goal is to help everyone move their bodies but doing it safely!  I created the mats with our customers favorite 2 designs to enjoy in your happy place.