Virtual Fitness Classes- Here to stay?

As the entire world has been experiencing a "pause" and our lives have been turned upside down, the fitness community has united together to keep everyone "moving".

IG stories went from being used a few times a day to being the new norm to see at every half hour and hour 10, 20, 30 virtual classes going live. Then came the zoom classes to interact with each other. To revolving your day around trying new workout classes you weren't able to before. 

With everything else in life "new behaviors are created in 21 days", and being in ISO for over 60 days there have been lots of "new behaviors" for everyone, which include working out with a laptop/TV.

As the world gets closer to "opening" back up again, studios are thinking about their community and what they will want. Will they start to now have a virtual class package offering? Will there be a split offering- 5 virtual classes/5 in-person classes?

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, we are all craving and needing connection again!

Till there, here are some of Marisa In Motion favorite fitness instructors and studios helping to move, motivate and give sanity to people in these long days.

Pilates and Dance Classes- Nicole von Arx

Running playlists- Karyn Nesbit 

Pilates Classes- Karlin Kosinski

SLT Inspired Classes- Jess Bettencourt

Studio Pilates 30 Day At-Home Pilates Challenge

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