Quarantine Couture: Staying Cute and Comfy During COVID

The pandemic has birthed a new, insatiable craze for athleisure. During quarantine, we are either glued to our laptops working and learning remotely or munching on delicious snacks while watching Netflix. We are hungry for clothing that supports this unprecedented lifestyle at home. In our quest to protect the at-risk population, we have also entered an era in fashion where comfort has become a necessity.

Isolation and Zoom-fatigue is incredibly real. Although quarantining protects the physical health of you and your loved ones, we also need to give our mental health some love. Getting into our comfy and chic athleisure and casual sportswear will give you the confidence to attack our day and the excitement that our monotonous, remote life lacks. However, with so many athleisure brands out there, choosing your next closet essentials can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips and tricks for navigating this foreign fashion world.

We make social distancing comfy and stylish! Shop for good with us as we raise money for amazing causes like Breast Cancer Awareness and Education. Our clothing is constructed with Pilates in mind and, therefore, for optimal performance and comfort. You do not need to be a Pilates instructor to love these clothes, however. The design is versatile and unbelievably cozy, making it perfect for every single stay-at-home day. Not only are the styles and silhouettes absolutely adorable, every single piece returns the identity and confidence that you normally get dressing up to go out on that date, to kill it at work and school. We chase those quarantine blues away, one cute outfit at a time.

Styling athleisure is the fun part. The possibilities are genuinely endless. You can attack that morning meeting in a T-shirt. Pick out a minimalistic, soft and comfy T-shirt and pair it with chunky jewelry to impress your coworkers. Then, relax in your chair wearing soft, capri sweatpants that nobody can see. There are no rules, and MIM provides the perfect selection for you to feel just as amazing as you look!

Shop for good, wear what you love, and make the most out of each and every day!

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