Creating a Home Gym in Small Apartments and Staying Motivated

This might be one of the top searches these days "how to create a gym in a small apartment". With everyone's favorite fitness studios closed at the moment, it's now time for us all to become our own motivators to keep ourselves moving.

It's never easy to motivate to workout alone, which is why fitness studios are so successful, everyone loves community! Having a partner-in-crime helps to get ourselves to the gym and to stay accountable.

Now we have to be accountable to ourselves, GASP!

Here are some tips on how to create a home gym and to stay committed to achieving your fitness goals.

Creating time and space:

  • Schedule time on your calendar that is dedicated to working out. Better yet, if you have a whiteboard, use it! Therefore, you see it everyday and helps keep you accountable. 
  • Create a section in your home (next to your bed, next to your couch, a nook by your sofa), wherever you have room that is at least the size of a yoga mat. This gives you plenty of space to lie down, do side lunges, lift weights, etc. It's ok if there isn't a mirror, if possible, be close to a window or tv to use to see your reflection.
  • Storage box, shoebox, amazon box, any kind of box. To keep your apartment tidied and not feel like it's cluttered, use a box to store your equipment in.
  • Music. Get your playlists ready! Create a few different ones by type of workout for the day (eg. cardio day, ab day, stretch day) or by length of time (30 minute workout vs 60 minute workout). 

Gym Equipment

  • First things first, grab water and a towel. Hydrating is imperative.
  • A cell phone, laptop, TV. Most of your favorite fitness studios/gyms/instructors are hosting virtual classes now!
  • Yoga mat, if not available, you can use a beach towel. It's ideal to have some sort of "cushion" for your back and knees.
  • Dumbbells, if you don't have any in the house, improvise. Wine bottles, cans in your pantry, mason jars (I have been filling them up with water for more weight), look around and get creative. Hand weights are so versatile, not only for arms, but also for doing abs or jump lunges, etc.
  • Bands are a great way to add resistance to any exercise, especially as you get stronger! If you don't have bands on hand, no worries. You can use a t-shirt for upper body strength, or a small towel. Activate your shoulders and arms by gripping the item in either side and pull it tight.
  • Chair or couch nearby to be able to use for balance and leg work.
  • Wear some fitness apparel that inspires you, that you feel great in. Confidence is the best motivator. 
  • The most important equipment is YOU! Show up for yourself. You might not have all of these items, but as you can see, creating a home gym doesn't have to be expensive or take over your whole small apartment.

Working out alone is not easy. Set achievable goals for yourself. The hardest part is starting. Once you start, then you are GOLDEN and on your way to becoming your own fitness instructor. 

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