5 Ways to Celebrate Pilates Day

Marisa In Motion was inspired by the Pilates community and what better way to unite than to honor and celebrate everything Joseph and Clara Pilates brought to this world.

The first Saturday of May is Pilates Day (May 2, 2020)! It is about connecting with the community, the passion we have for the amazing movement system and feeling fantastic! 

Here are some ways we can all celebrate Pilates Day:

1. Invite a friend to join a virtual Pilates class so they can experience what Pilates bliss feels like. 

2. Gift someone a class to your favorite studio so when we all come out of the "pause" not only will your studio will be grateful for the new client but your friend will also have the chance to fall in love with Pilates.

3. Find a new Pilates class/instructor to show some love to them as we all are trying to find our practice right now. Shout out to one of my favorite Pilates Instructors Nicole von Arx check her out!

4. Watch the documentary film Movement of Movement. 

5. Share your Pilates passion with the world. Snap a picture of yourself in a Pilates inspired apparel and tag it #marisainmotion and #pilatesday2020 

Visit pilatesday.org to learn more about the Day and all of the events taking place to share this thing we love called Pilates. 

"Physical fitness is the the first requisite of happiness"- Joseph Pilates

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